COVID-19 Travelers Information

Travelers who do not have symptoms of COVID-19 do not need a referral letter from their healthcare providers to test for COVID-19.
Travel testing is only allowed for individuals who can provide confirmed travel bookings.

Typically 72 hours before departure – check with your embassy and

Completed COVID-19 test form – Downloadable Here
Copies of your travel bookings.
Copy of your passport.

No, at PathCare Vermaak we work on a first come, first serve basis.

IATA travel centre
Check with your embassy – this is a valuable link for more information

Notice on Full Implementation of “Cross Double Tests” for all China-bound Passengers   In consideration of the epidemic in South Africa, the Embassy required the China-bound passengers from neighbouring countries to take “Cross double tests ”on Jan 3, which is working well till now. In order to effectively prevent the cross-border transmission of the epidemic, as well as to safeguard the safety of all passengers, “cross double tests” is required for all China-bound passengers of Johannesburg-Shenzhen flights from now on.

1. All passengers are requested to take the IgM antibody and nucleic acid tests both at Ampath and Pathcare in 48h before boarding. All results of “cross double tests” should be uploaded to apply for the HS or HDC green code.
2. Passengers are requested to take a photo with passport info page in hand when taking the tests (clear face and info page are needed),and upload these photos along with their negative certificates, passports and itineraries to the program.
3. Results should be uploaded to the embassy or consulate general in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg according to the sample collecting site.
4. The passengers are requested to submit the certificates before 4 pm on the day of departure. Late applications will not be processed.

The Embassy appreciates your understanding and cooperation, and once again reminds the travellers the extreme risk in travel during the epidemic. For those who have already taken the tests, please strictly stay home/room and self isolate until traveling. The Chinese Embassy in South Africa 8 January 2021

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