My Test Results

We respect the confidentiality of your test results and we take utmost care that this confidentiality is preserved under all circumstances.

A copy of the pathologist’s report is delivered to the doctor who referred you for pathology investigations, as well as any copy doctors specified by your doctor. E.g your general practitioner may request us to send a copy of the results to a specialist to whom he/she will be referring you.

We will not divulge your test results to any third party without your written permission.

The test results and pathologist’s report belongs to the patient and you are entitled to a copy of this report. If you wish to obtain a copy for your files, it is preferable to request one from your referring doctor. Your doctor will discuss the report with you and he/she will make sure that you understand the test results and the implications thereof for your health and medical treatment.

Please note that our staff are not allowed to discuss test results with you. The significance and implications of the test results should be explained by the doctor who referred you for blood tests.

It is also possible to request a copy from us, or download the form below.

Please request your copy by completing the request form (ISF VV 002C) and email to We require your full name and ID number to retrieve your report from our computer system