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Healthcare workers should implement additional safety measures when consulting with patients with suspected COVID-19 infection to prevent further transmission of the COVID-19 virus:
• Implement a screening process to avoid infectious patients entering your rooms and exposing other patients and staff to the COVID-19 virus
• Have sufficient PPE in your rooms to protect yourself and other practicing healthcare providers during consultations.
• Refer to the following link for the NICD’s COVID-19 Quick Reference for Health Workers for guidance for the necessary guidelines.
• Ensure that all patients wear surgical masks prior to entry to your practice to protect other people in your consulting room. Ensure that all patients use a hand sanitiser before entering your rooms.

No, PathCare Vermaak has an automated link where all results are shared with the NICD and DoH.

Refer to the NICD’s “Clinical management of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 disease” guideline.
Clinical Management of COVID-19 disease

Clinical guidelines for healthcare workers have been developed by the National Department of Health and National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD).

More information is also available on the NICD website.
Clinical management of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 disease

Link to NICD site

Daily situation reports with affected countries
Information from the World Health Organisation (WHO)

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