About Us

Dr. WJH Vermaak Inc. Pathologists is an independent clinical pathology service that is committed to good laboratory and professional practice, as outlined in ISO15189 and strives to maintain excellent service of the highest integrity at all times.

The laboratory strives to deliver accurate, reliable results with an acceptable turnaround time, combined with the consultative input of pathologists, thus promoting enhanced patient care and client satisfaction.

Services offered

  • Infectious disease testing, including microbiology and virology
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Chemical pathology
  • Serology (auto-immune disease and Infectious diseases)
  • Clinical haematology with a PI/Dosage service and bone marrow investigation
  • Consultation and advice on clinical pathology
  • Contract and research projects

Some of these services will be subcontracted to other facilities; however these will be managed by Vermaak (Inc) Laboratories. Only facilities that offer a competitive quality service with a focus on time delivery that complies with ISO 15189 will be considered.

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Our academic background in Pathologyinnovative ideas and passion for a greater understanding of human diseases, puts us in the position to offer a Pathology service to doctors that exclusively benefit their patients.

Because we are not owned by listed public companies, there are no restrictions bound by financial considerations. These considerations may be expected by share-holders or corporate owners of the Pathology Lab that would otherwise affect the true values we believe essential for proper patient care. .

This Pathology Lab and business is committed to being a leader in clinical Pathology consulting services as well as to the effective use of expensive diagnostic modalities to the maximal benefit of patients and health care practitioners.

As a Pathology Lab, we are continuously exploring innovative means to improve patient care and aim to add value to the service of our clients. We support the creativity, courage and determination to turn information into knowledge and knowledge into insight.

As a Pathology Lab, we are accredited with:

We are also accredited at the HPSCA for the training of:

  • Student Technologists (Discipline: Clinical Pathology)
  • Student Technician (Discipline: Clinical Pathology)
  • Student Technician (Discipline: Phlebotomy)